Our Family


Connor is nearly 11! I can’t believe it.

Connor has probably struggled the most with the change if dynamic in our family. Naturally shy and quite sensitive to the outside world. He has always been happy and loud at home.

Connor wanted a brother for quite a while before Sam was born and boy did he get one! Sam shows Connor quite a lot of affection but on his terms which Connor has found difficult to wrap his head round at times. He has been one of my biggest supports without even knowing it really. Allowing his iPad to be snatched away, watching Sam so I can take quick showers once in a while. Many many things that make it that little bit easier living in an autism household.

Sam unintentionally stole a lot of the attention within our house at first. He still does but we are better equipped at giving Connor the time he needs with us and the space he needs from Sam too. I love this boy with all of my heart and with high school coming up in 2017 we have a year to get a plan together so that he gets double the support he is going to most definitely need.

Stu – Husband & Daddy

Stu is the calm water to my stormy sea. There are times when he must have felt so helpless when Sam is in meltdown, it’s mummy he wants, when Sam is wide awake and screaming the place down, he wants me all the time. Stu just has to stand and watch. Helpless, unable to do anything practical because there is nothing he can do. However, him just standing there at 1 in the morning, wanting to take the burden. Share the load. That means more than anything else could. Knowing someone is willing means just so much.

Sammy loves his Dad, he really does. They will occasionally snuggle when I’m there. I think this is Sams way of showing Daddy that he loves and trusts him. And daddies big strong arms are much comfier than mummies admittedly fleshy but much smaller ones! Stu is there to take the strain, give me time away when I need it. I work weekend nights so Stu and Sam do have a routine of their own too. Above all Stu is there for all of us in whatever capacity we ask of him. ❤️

Me – Jo – Mum

There isn’t much to say about me. Plus this is my blog (about Sam) but reading this, you either already know me or you will hear what I think and who I am in what I write.

I will say that I think living in an Ausome family has fundamentally changed us for the better. We know what is really important. You’ll find no petty bullshit in our house as we simply don’t have the energy!

More about our life and the lessons we learn about living with Autism as we trip and fall through it.