About Sam

This is a blog about my wonderful son Sam. My old blog talesofanautisticchildsnotsosupermum.wordpress.com was a knee jerk reaction to Sammys diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. It was very cathartic but it was also a lot about me. Sams mum.

Theressomethingaboutsam is about how I want to express my feelings, day to day experiences of living with autism. The highs and lows of the new normal.

It’s always going to be harder for Sam. I realise this now. I will ramble from time to time. I find this blog a great place for me to get down my feelings and frustrations. But still it is harder for him.

Me and Stu love the Lord of the rings; and I’m seeing more each day that we have our very own Sam wise the brave! A boy we can be proud of. A boy that makes us belly laugh every single day.

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