Do I live with depression? Or does depression live with me?

While this article is essentially about me, I feel a little back story about my family dynamic would be useful before I jump right in! Three years and six months ago my youngest child was diagnosed with Autism just before his 3rd birthday. If you don't know anything about autism, it is not a disease, …

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Is Autism Awareness Helping My Autistic Daughter?


April is fast becoming synonymous with autism awareness now. The media cover it, charities promote it and even schools use it as a time to raise the profile of a condition that is guaranteed to affect several pupils, if not more, within their school. I’ve heard of everything from pyjamas days, sky dives, videos, poems and various hashtags circulating, all in the name of ‘autism awareness.’ I’m not against any of this and in fact my own daughter asked me herself if she could do something this month to raise awareness of the very condition that she lives with. I encourage her self advocacy so I’m using my own Facebook page ( and my personal profile to share her daily photographs on her behalf, since at ten she isn’t even old enough for her own social media account.

However, I don’t allow my daughter access to social media…

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