When a stress turns into a success

Sam doesn’t usually like going out at the weekends. I think the week at school mean his home time is just for that. Home time. In our bedroom, with me. At school, he has been going out almost every day. He has his hi-vis and a little back pack with a strap to keep him from bolting.

Today, my brother and his wife came to babysit. It’s our 15th wedding anniversary this week and we decided to go have some fun at the Trafford centre. Shops, food, crazy golf and the dodgems. We did it all.

Adam and Alice babysit for us whenever they can, Sammy really trusts them and they always have fun.

As we were waiting for our food to arrive, my brother texts me asking ‘what does train yummy mean?’ I said he’s not said that since last summer and it means he wants to go on a train 😳. I sent him loads of messages because Sam going out outside of his normal routine doesn’t happen very often at all.

Now we have one of those ring doorbells and whenever someone is at the door or leaves the house I get a text, can click on the app and see what’s happening at home. About ten minutes later I saw my brother leave the house with Sam leading the way I know he’ll want to walk to the train station. 5 minutes after that I saw Connor and Alice leave, running. At this I’m thinking ‘why are they running????’ They were only running to catch up with my bro and Sam.

So I’m a few miles away telling myself it’s fine, they are adults who know how to care for him. Relax. Enjoy the break. There was no anxiety at home but there was with me. I know I’m over protective of him. We are linked that way now and have been for so long that I find it difficult to cut the ties when I’m away from him. I’d have been fine if he’d been at home, but because he was out I was just a bit nervy.

They ended up going on the train to the next town along from us, to the park for 20 minutes then on the next train home. They all had a lovely trip out on a really nice day. Stu and I had a fab time golfing and on the dodgems and were home in time for tea! My stress was for nothing, but a natural reaction. The success was for my brother and sis, Connor and Sam. And I got to have a lovely anniversary afternoon with my husband.

It just goes to show what Sam can do when he wants to. Im curious that he doesn’t want to do those things with us. Something to work on though.

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