I promise to always follow your beautiful lead

Today has been a good day. A REALLY good day!! Like you all know, Sams speech has been slow. In September 2016 he had nothing. He has so many now, with new ones coming every day

The advice that we’ve used the most was some we got from a speech therapy course when he was 18 months old. That was to follow his lead. At the time that meant letting him take us to the kitchen for food or drink or to his toys to play with him. Since his speech has started to evolve, so has following his lead. He tries to sound a word and we repeat it back if we can understand what he’s saying or we repeat the sound he’s making until we figure out what he’s trying to say.

Sam is so amazing at this, if I say ‘what?’ He repeats his sound. He rarely gets frustrated at us if we don’t get what he’s trying to say, and that shows a massive level of patience on his part. The likes of which he wouldn’t have tolerated even a year ago without getting upset. I like to think because we have followed his lead he understands how hard we are trying to help him communicate with us.

So two really nice things happened today. I’ll start with the second one first because the first one was a biggie πŸ™Œ ooh the suspense ha!!

Anyway back to Sam this evening before dinner Sam was saying ‘I want book’ or that’s what we thought at first. After a bit of repetition and some really strong pronunciation from Sam, we figured he was saying I want bike and door. He’s always trying to bring his bike in the back door and I’ve refused because it’s muddy. Anyway this evening I told Stu to let him have it in the kitchen. The next thing he wheels it through to the front door, goes to turn the lock when I say ‘no Sam’ and as I say it, it clicks he wants the bike out the front. All this time he’s been trying to communicate his wanting the bike outside. He’s so clever, but because my brain wasn’t in sync it took me a while to pick it up.

We have a gigantic park at the back of our house, with a skatepark on the side which Sam never usually wants to go on. He never wants to ride only to push his bike but I didn’t mind so we went round. We had a lovely half an hour and he pedalled his bike for the very first time. All by himself! πŸ™ŒHe’s such a big boy but I baby him so much that I might miss some of the amazing things he can do when he wants to do them. I must stop it! He’s not my baby anymore. I’m gonna stop and see what other magic he wants to share 😊

Here he is pedalling for a few seconds (Like a boss πŸ’ͺ)

Now going back to my first lovely thing that happened about half an hour before park gate was we were in the house. Stu was home from work and we were stood in a little triangle. Sam poked me and said ‘Mum’ then poked Stu and said ‘Dad’!!!!!!!!!!!! We freaked πŸ€ͺ I hugged him and told him how clever he is and how proud I am of him and he had the loveliest smile on his face 😍

So at age 5 years 4 months and 14 days my beautiful, clever boy said mum and dad.

He called me mum for the very first time!!! πŸ’™

So that’s our lovely day. We’re going to keep following his lead to see where he will take us next. I’ve no doubt it will be somewhere as amazing and awe inspiring as him 😘

Jo πŸ’™

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