Raindrops on roses…

If you’re anything like me, you may lay in bed at night thinking…what’s happening tomorrow? What needs doing first? What problems from today do I still need to tackle? Are my kids ok? Did I dry Connors pe kit? It’s endless. If you’re anything like Stu you fall asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow then you are very lucky, but I also hate you a little bit!! Just kidding; no I’m not!

Anyway, lying awake tonight and something I’ve noticed before is that I can be thinking, but there is usually a song playing in the background of my brain too. Has anyone ever noticed that? It’s our many layered brain at work I’m guessing 🤔

Tonight’s song; when I locked onto it was the ‘my favourite things’ song from The sound of music. Julie Andrews – legend 👍

Anyway, again this led me to thinking about my favourite things, and apart from the obvious baileys and hula hoops, my favourite things are not material. They are day to day surprises and supports. Sam having a proper little fight with Connor last night and Connor letting himself get beat up was a highlight of my week! Brothers are supposed to fight, and play fight. Whether Sam was playing I don’t know, but he seemed happy giving his brother a pasting!! It’s interaction that doesn’t happen very often and it brings Connor deeper into Sams world while bringing Sam up to his level in a way. I’m not sure that makes sense but hey ho, not sure else how to explain it! I got joy from it ❤️. Those boys are my life, but whether in deep with us or on the fringes we have so many other people there for support. Somebody to say the right thing at the right time, or to let me off when I’m my usual arse backwards self. Or the people which think of us and share something we may find useful. Thank you. You are amongst my favourite things. The people I see every day who say hello or ask me how are things. It’s only small but when things get lonely you are the ones who help me appear normal and able to have a conversation. You may or may not know who you are but thanks anyway. Friends and family who I know I only have to pick up the phone regardless of time or distance. You are my favourite things. The three women who look after my boy so well every day and who have had a big hand in how he is developing. You are definitely amongst my favourite things. Thank you all so much. So with Christmas just around the corner, please raise a large glass to yourselves from me. You most definitely deserve it! Lastly apart from Connor and Sam, we have Stu. We’ve been a couple for 18 years now. What Jodie? You say, surely you are not old enough!! ( that’s what your all saying in my inflated head anyway!!!) but yep 18 years, and as times gone on, some of it’s got harder. Not all, and not all the time. Our children are our blessings and we wouldn’t change either of them. But Stu you are my favourite thing!! Merry Christmas everyone. Let’s hope it’s a stress free and booze as possible!!

Lots of love 💙

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