Trying to learn a new language

The hardest part of helping Sam be is figuring out what is wrong or what he needs me to do. Come into my house and you’ll often see me in there frantically handing him things, turning the tv to something that doesn’t make him scream only for him to scream until it’s put back on again.

Sam is still pretty much non verbal. He is 4 in December and the words he has are ‘go’ when I say ‘ready, steady…’ And three when I say ‘one, two…’ Phwee he will chime in with. Very cute and two words is better than non right! Because of this Sams communication involves taking me where he wants me. Kitchen, toy box, etc. He doesn’t really point so it’s guesswork all the way. Pretty much like learning a foreign language without even knowing what country you are in. We usually get there in the end but it can be a very stressful time for him which can escalate really quickly. It must be so hard and so stressful to not be able to get or do something because you are unable to communicate.

Sam is starting preschool in September and I’m pretty worried about how he will cope not having me there to interpret his needs for him. Maybe it will turn out well and force him to try with someone else. I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave him that first morning. He’s had six weeks of no nursery and then dropped in a room he has visited once. The staff at this school are really well trained in dealing with children with autism so hopefully this is just the beginning of him learning to cope without me. It’s only 3 hours a day so we will see.

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